Reflection #1

This course has been an eye-opening experience, as going into the class I was looking to get a better understanding of education and how technology was been incorporated into the process. I’ve learned the direction the system may be headed, by incorporating 21st Century Skills and hopefully moving away from No Child Left Behind. When I was in school, I always felt like I was being taught things that I would never use, but this course makes me feel like there will be less of that in the future. There are tools that I had not been aware of, but looking at them, I wish they had been available when I was junior high and high school as I think they would have added so much to my classes and helped out my fellow students. I think that we would have loved blogging and using VoiceThread to share information and collaborate.

One of the big things I have learned is how many available resources there are to teachers and parents to help theirs kids and students learn. I think that with the technology it has become so much easier to change your lesson plan to suit different learners and that is so important, I feel like that will encourage students to want to learn more on their own. I also learned about Diigo which is a wonderful tool as it’s so difficult to keep track of where you read certain things, and this is a great way to do that, the highlighting feature is wonderful!

I’m not sure that I will be teaching in the future, but I would definitely advocate blogging as a way to share your thoughts, receive feedback, and collaborate with your classmates. With VoiceThread, I feel like that adds a new dimension to your presentations. Also, with tools like Twitter and GoogleReader, I feel like it is so much easier to follow things that you are interested in. There is no need to go to many different places, everything is consolidated onto one site.


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