Reflection #2

Technology has been a part of my professional and personal life for such a long time that I think that I had become a bit complacent in the technology that I use in my day to day life. This class really challenged me to explore more and look at what’s out there, how can it be adapted to benefit my child, his learning experience, and broaden his horizons.

I learned so much in this class, the importance of 21st century skills, common core standards, and how the classroom is changing, in regards to flipped classrooms, are two things that I will not forget tomorrow or anytime soon. I have become more aware of how the classroom will be changing once my child is in school and the skills that teachers will be focused and how these skills will be taught.

As far as how I will apply what I have learned to teaching, I will probably never teach, but I will apply much of what I learned to my child. Surprisingly, I think that I may have been a bit scared to expose him to technology because I was afraid of what might happen (end up with a computer game playing zombie) or what he might be exposed to. I think my fear was more about how to regulate the exposure and what he should be learning. This class gave me so much insight on how handle technology exposure, but also how to regulate it and turn it into a more collaborative and bonding experience.


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